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Playlist Update? Again? Wow!

Hello again!!!

This week, I have added only 4 songs to the Jack Schwab Weekly Playlist over on Spotify. However, before I get started on talking about which songs I added, I do want to quickly mention that I will be creating these playlists over on the other major streaming platforms at some point during this week, but for now it is exclusive to Spotify.

Now, 4 songs compared to the 80 songs I added last week, probably doesn't seem like a lot, but I do not plan on listening to 80 albums/EPs every week! Plus, at the moment, whilst uni work is all online, I don't have as much time out on walks to listen to some albums. My trip to uni takes 2 and a half hours, so when you account for the journey back, I can usuaally listen to at least 5 albums in a day and when I start going back to on campus learning, I'll most likely be going in twice a week, you can do the math. ;) Until then, I may only update the playlist every two weeks as I'm just not listening to as much music!

Anyway, now to the main event! What songs did I add? Let's get going!

1. Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men

Everyone knows the album this song comes from, My Head Is An Animal, from their hit song, Little Talks. And whilst I could have added Little Talks, I thought I'd add another banger from this album to essentially make sure everyone knows this album is VERY good! In the last year, I've really been loving the sounds of artists like Lord Huron and this album is a little similar to Lord Huron's first album, Lonesome Dreams, and I just love it! Already added another of their albums to my list of albums to listen to!

2. Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes

So many people have told me to listen to the Fleet Foxes over the years, so I did (finally!). I listened to their debut self-titled album, Fleet Foxes. It was great! I loved how chilled the album was, almost like they were just playing and as listeners, we were lucky to have listened to what they were creating. I chose Ragged Wood specifically because of the harmonies. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE harmonies, especially clever use of harmony and this is exactly that. Now, people who know this album well, may ask "Well, if it's the harmonies you love, why didn't you pick White Winter Hymnal?" Well, simply put, there's more of it in this song!

3. Sticky Shoes - Twin Mannequin

Last time I updated the playlist, one of the special mentions I made was Twin Mannequin's A You-Shaped Hole. This song, Sticky Shoes, is just more of that amazingness that is Twin Mannequin's music. Their sound is just so good! And apparently BBC Introducing agreed, because they Gave Twin Mannequin the featured artist spot with it! Well deserved too! I said this last week, but I'm gonna say it again, I cannot wait for this album to be released, it's gonna be great. You can expect me to add a song from it to this playlist too when it comes out ;)

4. Waring Sign (First Time) - Jack Schwab

Woah! Is that a Jack Schwab original? Why, yes, it is! Just a friendly reminder to got stream my music!!! Who knows? There may be some new stuff coming soon ;)

Like always, if you have any suggestions on what I should listen to next, let me know! Apparently there is a comment section to these blog posts, so give it a go!

If you want to find me on any socials, you can find me @rightaboutjack on everything or follow this link to find the specific social media platform:

Have a good day and I hope you're all well!

Jack Schwab

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