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Time for some videos!!!!

Here, you will find videos of me playing music, which is good considering that's probably why clicked onto this specific page.

This will be regularly updated with newer videos as and when they are performed and recorded.

The one promise that I can make is that there will never be a finger over the lens!

Blue For You (Live at Crystal Palace Lockdown Live)

This was recorded live on the Facebook group, Crystal Palace Lockdown Live as part of their Live Lounge series. 

Fun fact: This is the actual audio used for the album version of Blue For You found on Better Now! I just added a few harmonies for the album version, I just couldn't resist ;)

Also, Brad Wilmot is the amazingly talented guitarist on the right in the video (@brad_wilmot_ on Instagram). Go check him out!

My Cover of Only You 

I made this cover shortly after starting to record my next album (at the time of writing) which I hope to release later this year, 2021.

This is just a small example of what is to come with my next album.

Hope you enjoy!

Winter Blue - An All-Year-Round Christmas Song

When Krista Detor asked my dad and I to perform as part of her Christmas Showcase Fundraiser, we decided that instead of covering a Christmas song, we would write one! So that's what we did!

Also, it gave me an excuse to get the mandolin out, which is always very welcome ;)

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