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Welcome To My Website!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Hello there!

Welcome! I hope you're enjoying your stay here at ! It was a lot of fun to make and I have so many fun plans for this little thing!

Here you can keep up to date with everything that I may be doing, playing, writing, recording etc. You can do so in multiple ways:

- I'll be posting blog updates every now and then when I have things to announce, update my playlist or other important things.

- You can subscribe to my mailing list as well! I'll be doing weekly/bi-monthly updates (I haven't decided yet, please forgive me) where I will talk about everything I've done across all of my socials and also events to look out for in the future!

Ok, so only two ways, that's still technically multiple! However, I will admit that I was misleading.

Anyway... if you want to find me on the socials and you're not following me on one or all of them and you would like to, please do! You can find me @rightaboutjack on all of the socials!

Hope you're well,

Jack Schwab

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