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My Songs

I'm glad you made it this far! 

I guess I should let you know about my songs and where you can listen to them since you're here! 


As of right now, my debut album, Better Now, is out now! You can listen by just following the link hyperlinked on THE WORDS "Better Now", but I probably didn't need to tell you that. Before the release of Better Now, two singles, Landslide and Songs of Sun were also released.

As of right now, everything that has been released is available to purchase and download on the this website and even though it would be nice to make a living through sales of my music, I do want to point out that you can listen for free on other music streaming platforms! Plus, that way, you help me get my numbers up! ;)

If you want to hear more music from me and maybe some originals that aren't released yet, you can come and watch some of my streams over on Twitch under the username, "rightaboutjack". If you follow, you can get notified when I go live!

There's also my YouTube channel, but I've been neglecting that a bit lately. However, I do plan on starting that up again in the new year, so I would urge you to subscribe so that you don't miss a thing!

I guess I'll see you on the next page of this website!

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