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Who am I?

Good question... 

My name is Jack Schwab (as you could probably tell by my name in big bold letters up the top there). I am a singer/songwriter based in London. My genre can be defined as somewhere in between Pop and Rock with a touch of a lot of other genres every now and then. When people ask for a short answer, it's just much easier to just say "singer/songwriter". 

Since the first weekend of the original UK national lockdown, I've been streaming bi-weekly over on Twitch under the username "rightaboutjack" to get my performance fix. It's a load of fun, you should stop by sometime ;)

My debut album, Better Now, is out now (that's now! Wow!). The two singles from the album, Songs Of Sun and Landslide, are also out and everything can be streamed, listened and bought right now! 

(You should probably finish reading the text on the left before starting this one by the way)

Better Now deals with love, loss, healing and moving on from what comes with it all. It was all recorded and produced during the UK national lockdown. I was going to take a gap year and travel America ending up in recording my album out in the US, but this is pretty cool too I guess...

In all seriousness, lockdown provided me the opportunity to reunite with my family in a way I hadn't before and it made me look back on everything we've all been through together. You can see that in a few of my songs on Better Now, especially the title track, Better Now. Sometimes it can be hard to take positives in positions of relentless unfortunate consequences, but this is something I'll always be grateful for.

Anyway, enjoy the website!

Jack Schwab

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